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Agri Energy Producers Association Cooperative

To vertically integrate the biomass and biogas energy production cycle from Growing through Processing and ultimately to the Production of electricity.

This will optimize the value of green energy and make it finally possible to have the Grower Owners participate in profits from every stage of energy production.

Organize to take control of the great value that we as farmers bring to the is only because of us that this industry can exist.

2010--Grow significant acreage of high biomass sorghum.

Harvest and store the crop for use in our conversion facility in early 2011.

2011--Construct our own conversion facility to process the sorghum into value added fuel and deliver that fuel under contract to generation facilities in the region.

Begin process to construct a local electrical generation facility owned by the co-op and producing electricity year round.

Increase acreage of sorghum in local areas, expand to other areas to meet the growing need of electricity. 

Finish construction of local electrical generation facility and assess appetite for additional acreage and facilities to produce additional power. 

Advance plans to utilize the sorghum byproducts to the fullest. 

Continue research on additional promising biomass crops. 

2012--Expand into surrounding states continuing to bring our proven business model to additional forward thinking grower owners.

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